The X-Mas box
Chapter 2

The X-Mas 2018 Bloue box is a treasure box to give to any woman that’s worth it! Carefully handpicked to celebrate Christmas a whole week long! That’s right. Seven gifts for every day of the week. 

This unique box contains 7 cotton bags wrapped in luxurious tissue paper and a Holiday letter to that special person. In each bag you can find a small content card explaining the gift … and of course the gift.

Measurements box: 34 cm long 27,5 cm deep 7,5 cm high
This box contains: a bracelet, tea, house perfume, fragrance block, a bowl, socks and skin care products. See below for all items.

A new X-Mas 2019 Bloue box is coming this year!



Every piece of jewellery is uniquely crafted with the utmost passion. A handmade piece, which emphasizes its authenticity and makes every bracelet one-of-a-kind. Produced locally in Mali, at a fair price, this brass accessory will withstand the test of time throughout your path in life… 

Quality: messing, if the bracelet turns black you can clean it with a drop of lemon

Size: 7,5 cm diameter


Skin care products

Bloue would love you to meet AHAVA, our preferred skincare brand. All of their products are vegan and sourced from nature, such as their exclusive ‘osmoter’: a mineral complex from the Dead Sea which offers exceptional hydration to the skin. Start the day by celebrating your skin and we promise you to feel reborn!

This kit includes
All-in-one Toning Cleanser (30ml)
Mineral Hand Cream (20ml) 
Mineral Body Lotion (40ml)
Essential Day Moisturizer Normal to Dry skin (15ml) 


House Perfume

Close your eyes and embrace the purity of our Marso fragrance. Produced by true artisans in Italy, this spicy blend evokes memories with every spray. Black Pepper & the freshness of Citrus gives this home perfume a pungent bite. Use it during your everyday routine or save for its exceptional occasions.

Volume: 30 ml
Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Perfume, Water, Orange oil Terpenes 100% natural,  Limonene 100% natural, 2-methyl-3 propanal, Amberonne, Lemon oil

Measurements: 20 cm long, 2 cm diameter


Fragrance block

There’s a reason why we keep the best for last! Beyond your wildest dreams, this perfume embodies the richness of the Arabic & Oriental culture. Crush this amber & musk stone, put a little bit in your 7 cotton Bloue bags and place them into your wardrobe, car, house… or anywhere you feel like experiencing a land of luxury…

You can also rub it on your body as it is alcohol free!

Ingredients: Vanilla, musk, essential oil, Perfume Base



It’s all in the details. Our M. Moustache socks tell a tale of craftmanship and creativity. This brand holds a retro aesthetic and takes pride in being different.

Size: one size & metallic fibres

Quality: 54% cotton, 26% polyester, 10% fibres métalisées, 6% elasthane, 4% polyamide



Inspired by flamboyant foliage, A.U Maison tailored this brass bowl to perfection. The Danish company merges nature and art deco to ensure an innovative and modern design.

Quality: 100% brass, safe to serve food

Measurements: 9 cm diameter x 3 cm high



The family teahouse Dammann is dedicated to provide a luxurious experience that stirs and comforts all of your senses. Bloue’s election of all three flavours, kept safe in a leather travel pouch, makes you feel at home wherever you are. The “oolong caramel au beurre salé” tea mixes velvety notes with the sweet-salty touch of caramel. The Chinese “Yunnan Vert” is green and fruity. The “Miss Dammann” is spicy and lively.

Quality: French Tea since 1692

Measurements: 13 cm long x 7 cm deep x 3 cm high