The Godfather box
Chapter 5

The Godfather box is a giftbox that comes with an important question: ‘WILL YOU BE THE GODFATHER OF MY BABY??’ 

A cool box filled with 4 gifts wrapped in a large cotton bag. Each gift comes with a card that tells the story behind these treasures but also refers to the future love & friendship between your baby and her godmother. Each gift is numbered and builds up to the last but not least greatest gifts of all... one of the coolest LETTERS they will éver receive... Take a look at our pictures and make the most out of this very special moment with our Godfather box.  Good luck & enjoy!

Measurements box: 34 cm long 27,5 cm deep 7,5 cm high
This box contains: a large cotton bag, pancake mix, notebook, marble whiskey stones, thé letter.


Marlette’s Crêpes Maison

Marlette’s ‘crêpes maison’ are made by two sisters who are passionate about great food and healthy cuisine. And you have to admit, who doesn’t love pancakes, right? We think that homemade pancakes make the world a better place, and so do you! A sweet gift for those cosy moments at home. Enjoy and open your next gift!



(letter) Dear YOU, 

With this lovely gift box comes an important question. A lot of will you’s… Please, bear with me. Will you be the one who… protects and loves, helps to learn and grow, encourages to share, teaches how to love life, show how to be an amazing friend, is always supportive, has all the patience in the world, knows how to love yourself and how to follow your heart, to our baby? Will you hold our baby’s hand and guide it through life? 

I guess you feel where this is going. Let us finish by saying…

The only thing better than having you in my life is knowing my baby will have you as a Godfather.



Ikpakjein Notebook

The next months are the start of something special. You might like to write down those special moments in your ‘Ikpakjein’ notebook. Memories are the most precious gift of life and we hope we can make many more together. Let’s fill this notebook with all of the special things in life!


Marble Rocks

Please sit down and poor yourself a drink for the next gift to come. These marble rocks by ‘Bloue’ are just what you need! Keep them in your freezer to chill your whiskey in style and go ahead: open your last present!